Letter: What happened to protecting Richmond's trees?

Open letter to Metro Vancouver and Richmond engineering staff,

This morning, I noticed all trees being cut down on the Gilbert Road (by the new firehall, swimming pool and community facilities) median for the new sewer line. 

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Could this project not have avoided this tree destruction which mitigates the concrete hardness of the area? This tree planting only occured some 20 years ago.

Also, this entire road was repaved for the 2010 Olympics. Where is the planning needed to avoid these expensive builds one year and then tear down a few years later?

Trees were also being cut down at the BC WorkSafe complex. We need more trees not less.

Why are mature trees not essential living objects for conservation and not just objects that can be cut down each time they get in the way of yet another road, sewer or water project?

Are we not in an era where we need tree protection at all costs vs just building another linear engineering project that seems to forget about global warming? 

As we cut down healthy trees in our local urban forest, Richmond is notorious for allowing city planted trees to die in wholesale numbers. I documented the wholesale destruction of trees on development lots and our boulevard last fall and attached many photos of the problem. Nothing was done to replace those trees. 

Otto Langer




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