Letter: 'Ugly' barriers in Richmond will save our lives

Open letter to Mr. Bernard Morris,

Re: “Crash barriers are just plain ugly,” Letters, April 11.

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I am the daughter of the owners of the townhouse at the southeast corner of No. 2 Road and Francis Road.

Your complaint that the barriers are ugly is trivial. Not only has the fence been destroyed, but the home itself has been hit four times in five-and-a-half years by vehicles, each time sustaining horrific damage.

The second of the four accidents wiped out the entire dining room and the third (which happened only four months after the second) severely impacted the kitchen.

The fourth accident happened in April of 2017 when a concrete barricade was already in place. Despite the barrier, a pickup truck still managed to crash into the house.

Your suggestion of planting fast-growing ivy or removing the barrier and building a raised garden and filling it with plants and shrubs will do nothing to stop yet another vehicle from plowing through my parents’ home.

And it will certainly do nothing to replace the potential loss of human life, which is worth more than what you call ugly barriers.

It is a true miracle that after four car crashes into one home that no one has been killed or seriously injured.

My family and I would like to send a big thank-you to the City of Richmond.

C. Jones


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