Letter: Stop creating obstacle courses on Richmond's sidewalks

Dear Editor,

It is has come to my attention each time as I visit the Ironwood Library that there are many people who are inconsiderate of those who may have mobility issues.

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Sunday morning when I parked the car to visit the Ironwood Library, I ended up next to an SUV that was in the “small car” section. The driver had parked so that the back end of his vehicle took up half the sidewalk.

I then turned the corner to find that a local business (name held to be kind) had put up its sandwich boards so they blocked the path coming from the designated accessible parking stall at the corner and would make it extremely difficult to pass if one was in a wheelchair or with a walker.

When I suggested to the driver of the SUV to pull forward a few feet, he became verbally abusive and very irate, clearly not understanding the concept of respect for others who are trying to use the sidewalk.

Please, would everyone out there remember not all residents have the ability to take a detour around the obstacles that you create, and, most of all, be kind. Thank you

Jillian Taylor


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