Letter: Steveston sandwich boards reveal hidden gems

Dear Editor,

Re: “Sandwich Board threat riles merchants,” News, Oct. 24.

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This story riles me, too. I cannot believe the city is being so unreasonable over this issue.

How are these small but excellent businesses supposed to survive (and thrive) if they cannot advertise in this way?

I am a long-time Steveston resident, and frankly, I welcome these sandwich boards, as how else can I, or anyone else, find out what treasures are hiding down some of our side streets?

If it wasn’t for this signage, I wouldn’t have discovered  several gems in the village. If safety for pedestrians is the issue, perhaps they should glance up from their cell phones once in a while, so they don’t crash into a board and then lodge a complaint.

I sincerely hope that the city will see sense, and expend its energy on going after those who really are breaking the bylaws.

Carlie Holland


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