Letter: Steveston Community Centre costs what?

Dear Editor,

Re: “Blood boils over $110M price tag,” News, Sept. 19

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Am reading with disbelief about the estimated $110-million price tag proposed for the rebuild of the Steveston Community Centre. 

Notwithstanding the question as to whether a whole new facility is even needed vs. expansion of the current facility, the quote seems unbelievably high.

If reading correctly, the new centre, including the library, is planned for 62,450 SF which would indicate  a build cost (given no land purchase is required) of almost $1,761/ SF!!!

Given current hard-cost builds for public buildings of this type are at $500/SF at the top end, I have to think more explanation and scrutiny is needed here. After all, we are talking about a 12,000 library space, with balance comprising meeting rooms, kitchen space, etc.

How can this possibly cost this much to build?

M. Furlan


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