Letter: Sobeys wants cheap labour in Richmond

Dear Editor,

Re: “Two Safeways set to close in May,” News, Jan. 25.

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 I find it interesting that Jacquelin Corrado, of Sobeys, comments that it hasn’t been a secret that Safeway locations have struggled.  My question back to her is, since when?  Since Sobeys took over?

How has the Richlea Square Shopping Center Safeway and Blundell Center Safeway managed to last all this time? The population continues to grow in Richmond. With more residents comes the need for more food. Why would there be a struggle?  Why aren’t sales soaring with the packed parking lots and long lineups at the till?

The “struggle” started the minute Sobeys took over. As a weekly shopper at Safeway, I have watched the gradual, but persistent, decline in staffing, service and products. The shelves are empty, staff is running from department to department trying to assist customers and handle the jobs left uncompleted from lack of staff.  Has Safeway gone downhill?  Yes it has, at the hands of Sobeys.

So here is a question. If these two shopping centres are unable to support a grocery store, why would you open another grocery store at the exact same locations? If Safeway is struggling, how can FreshCo survive? I’ll tell you how — union busting, plain and simple.

Don’t think for a minute that the residents of Richmond are too naïve to know what is going on. FreshCo will be in the same business with simply less service and lack of living wages for their new employees. Sobeys’ profits will go up, our stores’ service, quality and selection of products will go down. 

Sobeys, you aren’t pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

D McIntyre


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