Letter: Site C Dam critics in Richmond lauded

Dear Editor,

Re: “Site C decision riles New Democrats,” News, Dec. 13.

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Your recent article regarding Coun. Harold Steves, Jack Trovato and Kelly Greene’s opposition to the Site C dam deserves comment. 

In respect to the comment about Muskrat Falls, “fiscal mismanagement” was not the issue so much as geotechnical problems, similar to those experienced at Site C, which caused costs to balloon. 

Like Muskrat Falls, this project should never have been started in the first place (thank Christy Clark for her photo-ops, and political posturing.) Recognizing this, history is sadly repeating itself.

In closing, I have a lot of respect for the integrity of Steves, Trovato, and Greene for speaking up. Never once have I heard our Liberal MLAs do anything other than kowtow the party line, regardless of the issue.

It was John Yap, Linda Reid, Teresa Wat and Jas Johal who supported the Site C circus. Remember that every time you pay your BC Hydro bill in the years to come. I will. 

Jon Westerley


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