Letter: School district needs to step up and catch cheaters

Dear Editor,

Re: “We are not detectives: Richmond school board,” News, April 19.

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I always find reporter Daisy Xiong’s articles to be well-researched and well-written; she’s a valuable addition to the Richmond News reporter staff!

In the April 19 issue, she was referencing a letter by Leanne Williams in an earlier publication concerning the likelihood that false documentation for cross-catchment admissions is contributing to problems throughout Richmond schools.  

I was very disappointed by the response of Board of Education chair, Mr. Eric Yung, whose defensive remark about the Board not being a detective service gave off a strong whiff of that famous excuse: “It’s not in (our) job description.”   

Richmond has an environment of ever-more frequently revealed activities by increasing numbers of scofflaws and loophole exploiters, who have no intention of practicing good citizenship here, and thumb their noses at those who do.   

With the wide variety of depressingly nefarious agendas being carried out in our city, I would hope that every Richmond School District employee has a heightened awareness of the potential for dishonesty by registrants, and will demonstrate initiative by being more vigilent about preventing hardship being inflicted on parents and students who play by the rules.     

Lynne Davis


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