Letter: Salmon in danger from new Massey Tunnel

Dear Editor,

“8 lanes not enough,” Letters, Oct. 31

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Well done, Greg Halsey-Brandt. Your appreciation for the bridge instead of the tunnel is well-founded.

There will be much less environmental devastation with the bridge than the extra tunnel. The biggest problem way beyond the relatively small loss of farmland will result in the worst attack on Fraser River salmon.

The interruption of the full flow of the river could see 10 years of salmon return damage. Mitigation will be extremely expensive and take years to redeem.

I am shocked about the mayor’s continuing opposition and suggest we could be better off to have Greg seek the mayor’s position as soon as possible.

The other shocker is Coun. Harold Steves and his aligned group who claim to be environmentally favourable and ignore the plight of the salmon.

Hugh Mawby



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