Letter: Richmond's streets are not a garbage can

Dear Editor,

Recently, I took my seven- and five-year-old children out for a street cleanup after seeing an incredible amount of garbage on the sidewalk and roadway on our walk to their school.

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During our walk on our short street, we collected close to 10 pounds of garbage which included candy wrappers, cigarette butts, kleenexes, an abandoned shoe, school trustee pamphlets, chip bags, pieces of paper, plus bottles and cans — not to mention the things I picked up that I wouldn’t let my kids touch.

In less than a week of cleaning up the street I have done the same walk with them and it almost seems like we never picked up the garbage in the first place. There is now a crushed coffee cup, surgical gloves, candy wrappers, orange peels, pieces of styrofoam and piles of cigarette butts where there were none a short week ago.

It would sure be nice to see the people who are choosing to use the street as a garbage can consider taking some pride in themselves and their community and put their garbage where it belongs instead of subjecting the rest of us to it.

Chris Carr


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