Letter: Richmond's small producers need access to big grocers

Dear Editor,

Do Richmond farms produce organic broccoli at this time of year?

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You bet.

However, a small Richmond organic farm doesn’t produce enough of it to supply a large supermarket chain. If the city had a program to organize a marketing cooperative for many small farms in collaboration with the supermarkets, maybe more of us would be buying local produce.

The city could also erect large signs at major intersections directing locals and visitors to local berry farms during the season.

It would save the farmers a lot of time and money and the bylaw enforcement officers could be tracking down all those illegal Airbnb operations instead of farm signs. They put up highway signs for the wineries in the Okanagan, why not for our farms?

The city is revamping its Agricultural Advisory Committee. Let’s hope the reincarnation will focus on promoting local agriculture instead of facilitating mega-mansion construction.

John Roston


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