Letter: Richmond rainbow isn’t miracle cure for all society’s ills

Dear Editor,

Re: “Rainbow shines despite deluge,” News, June 27

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Maria Rantanen’s article gives an interesting synopsis of the prevailing diversity of opinion on the subject of the rainbow crosswalk, including some humour.

The article is a potpourri of sentiments ranging from “confusion,” to distraction, to funding, to disharmony, to fear and misunderstanding, to oppressive families, to human rights and social justice, to harmony via erasure, to health and suicide and last, but not least, six instead of seven colours — therefore not a rainbow at all.

If one had a magic wand and painted a rainbow that alleviated the confusion, pain and struggles facing LGBTQ2S people, that eliminated the anxiety, confusion, misunderstanding and shame that some families feel, that converted hate and bullying into compassion … then let’s paint that rainbow.

But there is no magic rainbow and a rainbow crosswalk will not solve any of these issues.

There are, however, a whole range of different thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, challenges and struggles, government and legislative policies, educational programs and abundant exposure.

The money could just as well have been spent on counselling services and Richmond would be just as “inclusive and caring.”

N. McDonald


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