Letter: Richmond parent critic is unfunny comedian

Dear Editor,

Re: “Some Richmond parents out to lunch,” Letters, Richmond-News.com, March 3.

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When I saw the headline, I knew I ought to read it with as much humour as possible. But I couldn’t. Simply, because it isn’t funny.

“These parents need to get a grip on reality, and stop trying to change the world in these small, pathetic ways. Geez.”

Let’s get one thing straight: Parents in Richmond (and beyond) are not hoping to change the world by petitioning for school supervision for children who struggle to eat properly.

What they are doing is attempting to make a positive change in the life of their child.

I cannot theorize what about the petition, or the story in the Richmond News, was so outrageous or offensive that you felt it was necessary to pen a letter slamming a mother for doing what she felt would be beneficial to her child.

But I thought I would write back, perhaps to provide some clarity: no one is worried that their child will starve to death at school. The concern is that when kids do not eat properly, they are not able to reach their potential in the classroom.

This impacts the child, his classmates, the teaching staff, and ultimately, the school as a whole. When a child is unable to focus, engage, and behave appropriately in the classroom, there are losses across the board.

And yes, sometimes when my son comes home from school, his entire lunch is untouched — Bearpaw cookie and all!

With all due respect, if you actually believe a five-year-old child, on their own, will prioritize eating over going outside to play with friends, I think you’re the one who might be out to lunch.

Karly Tanner


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