Letter: Richmond Olympic Oval is city's spoiled child

Dear Editor,

Why is this not surprising that the turf fields at Hugh Boyd Park and Minoru Park are worn out.

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These fields are no longer the pet projects of the city, as our councillors now have way too much casino money to throw at the Oval.

Check out the condition of other facilities under Richmond’s care. Minoru Arenas needs upkeep, as does the Richmond Ice Centre in east Richmond. The Ice Centre has washrooms that lack hot water, the change rooms and showers are disgusting and a small staff that does its best to make sure the ice surface is cleaned.

Night-time staff is thin at best, having to perform the roles of janitor, building security, ice men and whatever else is thrown their way. If a problem arises with the ice plant, no one may be available to evactuate the building, much less themselves.

The Richmond Oval has more staff and managers, dispite having fewer duties to perform than their other city counterparts. I guess that’s why our mayor and council see fit to blow that $50 million on the Oval and the elite athletes who attend there and thumb their noses at the poor slobs who just want to have a safe and clean field, ice centre or any other neglected public facility.

Election time is coming, so chose wisely as the people of Richmond deserve better.

Bruce Neil 



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