Letter: Richmond Mounties are our secret Santas

Dear Editor,

This year as with every year I will be enjoying all the special times that this season brings. On Christmas morning, I will wake up to a special Christmas breakfast, I will open presents with my family, I always get spoiled.

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Right after the gifts we start preparing the Christmas dinner and what a feast it will be. I will think of my secret Santa who at great personal expense made all this possible. I am referring to our RCMP officers. I know that they will be working keeping us safe at Christmas, I know that their family time will be delayed or reduced to moments on a phoneline stretching across this country.

Their Christmas Day will consist of standing in the rain at a crash, fighting with drunks or going to family fights. For dinner, they can expect coffee from a gas station and a sandwich between calls. Their families will worry as they always do and with good cause. This year one of our Mounties was very badly injured protecting us.

The peace and safety we in Richmond enjoy has cost the lives of three police officers over the years. This season, if you see one of my secret Santas smile and thank them for me. Merry Christmas and a safe, happy 2019.

Scott Stewart



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