Letter: Richmond millennial offers gym advice

Dear Editor,

Re: “Gym for Dummies,” column, online.

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I could sense Shelly Civkin’s frustration in her column. As an ‘under 30’ individual who also utilizes our community gyms, I feel a right to respond to her article.

First, I do carry my phone and bulky headphones around, mainly to listen to my music, and tune out the generic radio stuff. I do send messages. When a piece of equipment I want is being utilized for long periods of time, I google alternative exercises I can do in the meantime. I also like to time my rest periods and static exercises. So I can’t speak for every millennial or gen Z’er, but my phone is an important tool during workouts.

I know with my headphones on and ugly workout face I can look unapproachable. However, I guarantee that if you approach me kindly and without prejudgment, I’d be more than willing to share equipment with you, and even spend some time showing you exercises. Most ‘people under 30’ have a vast amount of gym knowledge and experience that older generations could benefit from, if only they’d asked for the help.

 I agree with you gym staff have the ability to shape the environment into a more welcoming and helpful place. I’d like to see them walking around, observing interactions, offering advise and setting a positive behaviours that all generations can attune to.

Daniel Pascual          



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