Letter: Richmond councillors' letter misses the point

Dear Editor,

Re: “Couns. defend $5.3m bowling decision,” Letters, June 27.

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In response to the open letter to the public by Couns. Bill McNulty and Linda McPhail regarding the lawn bowling clubhouse rebuild, I see that city council is totally missing the point.

Taxpayers are not opposed to the support of rebuilding an old clubhouse, but we’re outraged at the price tag.

The building cost of a luxury 3,500 sq. ft. home is $1M and no one has said why the city has committed $5.5M to rebuild a non-luxury (I hope) clubhouse.

The only logic explanation is for the cost to be $1.5M and $4M in bribes? I hope city council can provide a clear breakdown of these planned expenses.

I’d totally support $1.5m for the clubhouse and $4M for new tunnel.

Andy Han


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