Letter: Richmond candidate answers flag-flying question

Dear Editor,

Re: “Whose flag does Kenny Chiu fly?” Letters, Oct. 10.

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I don’t think we’ve met, Barb.  My name is Kenny Chiu and I am a Canadian – just like you.

 I was born in Hong Kong.  My family settled there after fleeing Communist China.  Millions of people were killed in the Cultural Revolution, and my uncle was one of them.

 The crime that my uncle committed was thinking freely.  He opposed tyranny and wanted to make his country a better place for all people.  Here in Canada, democracy, rule of law and freedom for all people are our core values.  These are things for which I have always advocated.

 Like other Hong Kongers born before 1997, I was denied the full rights of citizenship.  I was considered neither Chinese nor British.  I struggled with my identity.  Something was missing.  All of this changed when I became Canadian.  That is why Canada is so precious to me.

 To answer your question, Barb – the flag I fly is Canadian.  Like you.  Like me.  Your love for our country is something I would never question.

Kenny Chiu


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