Letter: Richmond bowling club 'investment' doesn't add up

Dear Editor,

Re: “New clubhouse slated for Richmond lawnbowlers,” online, May 28.

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I just read in the Richmond News that city council has voted to spend ($5.3) million to upgrade the Minoru Lawn Bowling facility. I was interested to see that the lawn bowling club currently has a membership of 250, which is expected to grow to 400 members in five years. (Editor’s note: The club president said there are currently 280 members, a city staff report says 250.)

Curious as to how much it costs to become a member there, I went to the Richmond Lawn Bowling Club website and saw that an annual membership is $180.

So, if 250 people are currently paying $180 a year, that is exactly $45,000 a year the facility brings in. I just don’t understand how that necessitates $5 million taxpayer dollars to upgrade the facility for a few hundred people? That’s like spending $20,000 on each of those members who pays $180 a year.

Unless I am missing something here, the return on investment doesn’t seem in line with other projects that the money could be spent on to benefit much more of the city’s population.

Geordie McGillivray


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