Letter: Replacing trees elsewhere in Richmond is pointless

Dear Editor:

Re: “Tree Core Rotten: City,” Letters, May 18.

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Ms. Volkering Carlilie tells us that developers pay compensation for trees they cut down so the city can replace those trees in the city. 

The problem with this practice is that those trees aren’t on the same lot and likely not even in the vicinity of that once beautiful lost tree. That leaves gaps in neighbourhoods where there was once a gorgeous green canopy and now lies slabs of concrete and lawns without trees.

I do believe the city does a very good job of planting trees in parks and boulevards; however, the issue is the loss of trees in neighbourhoods. Unless developers are forced to replace trees on the lots where they have cut others down (or heaven forbid work to develop around) healthy neighbourhoods will continue to lose their canopies, residents will lose their clean, fresh air and the bird populations will continue to shrink.

Michael Seidelman


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