Letter: Remembering those who serve

Dear Editor,

As we move on from Halloween to Christmas, pumpkins to presents, I ask you to take a moment on Remembrance Day to remember the fallen: the veterans who survived and those who serve now, who gave us the freedom to continue to celebrate these holidays.

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At Halloween, we see children dressed as their favourite superhero, and other characters that they love. It is the uniform of the day, so to speak, the rank they so choose to become. But let us also see the soldiers in the uniforms of all ranks, both past and present, and thank them for their service then and now.

I humbly ask that you be thankful for your freedom and remember the veterans who have fallen, those who have served and are still here. But to also be thankful to the Canadians who are defending this country still, and ask yourself how you can help them when they need it.

This Remembrance Day, we should also think of those who chose and choose to stand tall and put on the Canadian Army, Navy and Air Force uniforms today. Through their hard work daily, their diligence to defend this country and indeed their sacrifice, we, as Canadians, continue to enjoy our freedom.

Lest We Forget.

Gordon Kibble


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