Letter: Public clubs in Richmond acting privately

Dear Editor,

Regarding comments about the lawn bowling club being run as a private club despite being publicly funded, I would like to share my experience with the mahjong club at the new seniors centre.

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I inquired at the front desk about signing up for a membership and was told to ask the people now playing mahjong upstairs in one of the halls. I went up and saw about 10 tables of four people playing, and quite a few empty tables.

I asked around and was directed to a woman who said the club is full and there was a long waiting list. I did not feel welcomed and left. A couple questions popped into my mind:

1. Who gets to decide how a club using public funds is run? Are the regulations and rules in writing?

2. Who gets to allocate space at the centre to organized activities and/or clubs?

Samuel Yeung




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