Letter: Pro-China groups in Richmond should be thankful for free Canada

Dear Editor,

Re: “Richmond clash between pro-China, pro-Hong Kong supporters,” News, Oct. 2.

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It is a mockery to celebrate racial harmony in Richmond when one realizes how skin deep it is.

When I learned about the racial slur of a woman yelled against a mother and a daughter in a shopping mall parking lot, asking them to go back to their home country, I was upset.

I felt discriminated as a person from an immigrant ethnic group.

But then, some Asian-looking Mandarin-speaking thugs, because of their intolerance of different opinions, ripped off the pro-Hong Kong people’s sticky notes posted on the makeshift Lennon Wall near Aberdeen station. I felt doubly upset. How dare you!

Ironically, in this context, I can’t agree more with that parking lot lady.

Shouldn’t you thank Canada for providing you the environment and the opportunity to express your five cent opinions, have a taste of democracy, without the threat of retaliation?

And yet, here you are, trumpling others people’s rights without a sense of shame and self awareness. How dare you!

It is Canada. Here we are, enjoying freedom of speech under the Charter. Even if you learn nothing in school, please at least take this piece of fact home when I show you the door.

Ay Ming


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