Letter: PR is modern system for modern times

Dear Editor,

I support prop rep (PR) because:

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•Fairness: Richmond has four MLAs, all Liberal. Yet, in the last election 52 per cent of the people did not vote Liberal. That must change.

•More representative: More points of view and interests will inform government decisions. For 10 years, the Liberals froze welfare rates and support for the handicapped, because, “Those people don’t vote for us.” That is wrong! Today, the Interior and North have little representation on the government side. That, too is wrong!

•Civility: Under PR, the successful candidates during election campaigns and the effective MLAs once elected, must cooperate, seek consensus and be respectful of each other.

•No extremists: Changing to proportional representation is to take pre-emptive action, lest a Donald Trump or Doug Ford take power in Victoria.

•Stability: Under PR a change in government does not bring in a whole new lot. Political change tends to be modest, incremental, less polarizing.

•Honesty: The old system induces politicians to build big-tent parties with promises for all, which cannot be delivered, leaving everyone disappointed. The focus will shift from spin and style to platforms, policies and principles. 

PR is a modern system for modern times.

Nick Leonen



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