Letter: Onni hearing looming Monday night at Richmond City Hall

Dear Editor,

Re: “Steveston laneway decision seems sneaky,” Letters, Dec. 8.

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Lisa Whittle is upset about the lack of transparency from city council, due to the decision for laneway paving happening in a closed session.

At the council meeting, no one answered residents’ questions as to why the laneways must be paved, so they could simply better understand why their greenspace is turning into blacktop.

Coun. Carol Day tried to find viable alternatives, to no avail.

There is another issue of serious importance to Steveston Village: The future of the Onni site. The public hearing will be on Monday, to decide if the Mixed Maritime Use zoning should be lifted and, if so, for how much money.

I raised my concern that this date, so deep into the holiday season, would prevent most residents from participating. Unfortunately, my request to reschedule the Onni hearing to the New Year was declined.

It is concerning to see this trend of inflexibility and opaque governance.

To anyone who is able to make it, I’ll see you at city hall at 7 p.m. on Monday.

Kelly Greene


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