Letter: Obliging a single group takes us down a ‘scary path’

Open letter to Richmond city council,

Re: 'Businessman hosts meeting to bridge Richmond's language gap,' News, Feb. 24, 2016

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I am a long-time resident of my beloved Richmond. I worked here, raised my family here, and have retired here.

Sorry to be so to the point, but how does one group of people get to say that it is incumbent upon city council to communicate in a language the growing Chinese community (can understand)? English and French are the two official languages of this country.

What about all the other immigrant groups that settled here before? My grandparents had to learn English; my mom had to learn. People coming from Eastern Europe, India, etc. all came here for a better life and the Canadian way, a blended country.

We have started down a very scary path, first with the signage issue, housing and now language to suit one ethnic group?

I would appreciate your comments.

Lynn Parsons


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