Letter: Not enough plastic talk during Richmond election

Dear Editor,

I am Cindy Hu, a tenth grader attending Richmond Christian Secondary School. I am writing to you with some personal concerns about the upcoming municipal election.

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Ever since the campaigning for the Richmond municipal election started, it has become evident that there has been very little focus on environmental protection.

As a 15 year old, I am deeply concerned by the conditions of our oceans and even more worried by the effects that it has on human civilization.

Our lakes and oceans have never been this polluted. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch exists just several hundreds of miles from our shore.

The toxins released by the garbage patch are consumed by fish and eventually consumed by us, causing a variety of diseases.

In an era where plastic is so widely distributed, some people have become aware of the devastating effects that it has on the earth, especially the waters.

However, few are willing to take action to prevent the destruction.

We citizens of Richmond live on the coastline, making us especially susceptible to the effects of water pollution.

Therefore, we need municipal leaders who are able to solve our present problems, able to envision future problems, and willing to put in efforts to make new policies that are aimed towards protecting the environment.

I am disappointed that such a pressing matter, one of the largest global issues of the day, is being almost completely ignored by the Richmond election candidates.

I sincerely wish that the candidates would be able to recognize the issue that would be a threat to both the rich and the poor, as well as the young and old.

Cindy Hu


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