Letter: MP says climate change solution bigger than Richmond

Dear Editor,

Re: “Climate shame on Tory MPs,” Letters, Jan. 9.

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I appreciate your concern for the suffering of those abroad, we must indeed use our intellects, resources and time to combat such global devastation.

However, I do not believe attending or declining to attend a particular and narrowly focused climate debate would resolve or jeopardize the challenges the world is facing.

As I repeatedly mentioned during my campaign and stress here again, such a global problem requires a world-wide solution.

Canada’s carbon emission amounts for less than two per cent of the world total, without taking into account the vast areas of CO2-absorbing plants and forests.

Given the vastness of Canada and the Nordic climate our country possesses, the question should rather be how we can continue to optimize our use of energy, and how we may in turn share our experiences and intellectual expertise, along with our responsibly produced resources with those developing energy-demanding nations.

Sacrificing Canada and Canadians would have zero long-term effect on climate change.

Certainly, slapping yet another tax on their already heavily tax-burdened shoulders, would not help reduce our carbon footprint.

This is why the Conservative 2019 campaign slogan was “It’s Time for You to Get Ahead.”

I remain convinced the environmental policies and ideas outlined in our 60-page Real Plan to Protect Our Environment would be better able to foster the development of more efficient green technologies, in addition to recognizing that greenhouse gas emissions are a global issue.

At the same time, as a Member of Parliament, I am very concerned with the issues and the implication of climate change in Canada.

This is especially so in our Richmond neighbourhoods, where  I am a strong proponent of the diking system which protects the Lulu Island from flooding, and the protection of our fishing industry.

Climate change will not be solved by increasing taxes, but instead by human ingenuity, some of which I hope will come from fellow Canadians.

Kenny Chiu, MP


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