Letter: More pay equals better police in Richmond

Dear Editor,

As Surrey struggles to find a way to reinvent the police, folks in Richmond had better be prepared to put a little more in the police budget themselves. 

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The RCMP are now union police and will expect union pay and benefits. While some folks may not like the idea, let me say that you get what you pay for.

We see huge lawsuits filed by RCMP members caused by poor leaders and an ineffective grievance policy. The RCMP announced lower recruiting standards, obviously hoping to catch folks who could not be hired by municipal and provincial police.

Some good members were fleeing to other agencies because the pay difference is more than $1,000 per month!

The RCMP is recognized as one of the finest police agencies in the world, that is a fact.

To keep it at that standard, we must be certain to recruit and retain the very best members, and that can only be done with fair pay and compensation.

The men and women of the Richmond RCMP are charged with keeping my family safe.

I want the very best folks on that job, and I’m happy to pay for them.

I am satisfied with the Richmond RCMP and now I will sleep better knowing that they will be fairly compensated for risking their lives so that I may sleep at night. 

Scott Stewart


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