Letter: ‘LGBTQism’ is not a stance

Dear Editor,

Re: “Does editor have an anti-LGBTQ phobia?” Letter, June 27.

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This letter is in response to that of Keith Mead regarding the LGBTQ “phobia” as he calls it.

I also believe in dialogue and openness to other ideas and agree that communication between groups with opposing views is vital in order to create greater mutual understanding.

However, there is a fundamental flaw in his argument which I would like to note. Namely, the idea that one can simply “disagree with LGBTQ views.” That’s analogous to saying one disagrees with the existence of people of Asian backgrounds or women.

Members of the LGBTQ community and their allies are not holding a position on a political issue or intellectual debate, they are fighting for their right to live without the threat of discrimination and all the associated oppression that comes with it (bullying and violence to name two).

The positioning of LGBTQism, as Mead describes it, as a choice or stance being held by certain individuals is misleading and harmful, and I believe that this is the issue which should be addressed in any discussions.

The fact that certain individuals do not wish to accept the fundamental right of all people to live freely and without oppression regardless of their sexual orientation (or political position, religious beliefs etc.) is the real problem here and I applaud the city for standing up for these rights in the face of the staunch opposition of a minority.

Emilie Henderson


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