Letter: Let’s see ledger for Richmond bowling clubhouse

Dear Editor,

Re: “Couns. defend $5.3m bowling decision,” Letters, June 27.

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The citizens of Richmond voted for a mayor and councillors to represent them and run the city in trust, a trust that they will protect the welfare and financial interests of the people.

The mayor and the councillors who voted to build a new lawn bowling facility had their personal reasons in mind when approving this project. From the way it is going, there will be no withdrawal. They are  determined to go ahead, despite protests and displeasure voiced by the populace.

For me, I would like to see a breakdown of the cost of this project. After all, $5.3 million is not a small amount, though it was stated by councillors Bill McNulty and Linda McPhail that it was largely funded from the reserve account. That makes me wonder how much the city has in this account, and what vital importance does this project have that the city needs to deplete these reserves?

The councillors said in their letter to the News, which ran June 27, there will be minimal direct impact on property taxes. I would like to know how minimal the impact will be in terms of how much can be re-invested in our reserves. Please clarify.

Does the city have a floor plan of what this facility will look? Did the city receive at least three bids for the construction?

We trust that you all discern faithfully to make a wise decision as to what is of value to the residents of Richmond. After all, it is our money.

Francoise Tsang



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