Letter: Kill politics to save the Amazon Rainforest

Dear Editor,                           

It is very unfortunate that the world famous Amazon rainforest is burning, and the president of Brazil seems to be too focused on getting an apology from the French president for some of the latter’s off-the-cuff remarks.

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Putting out these devastating fires in the 5.5 million square kilometres of the Amazon rainforest should be the top priority at this time.

The G7 countries, especially Canada and U.K., have committed millions of dollars to help Brazil fight these fires. To its credit, Canada has even offered its water bombers.

The Amazon rainforest is reported to produce 20 per cent of the world’s oxygen. It is called the lungs of the globe. As such, it is time for the president of Brazil to rise above petty politics and address the raging fires in the Amazon and preserving it for future generations.

Balwant Sanghera


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