Letter: Karma’s coming for ya in Richmond

Dear Editor,

I don’t get it! Since the big storms we endured over the holidays, with rain, king tides and wind, I’ve personally pulled easily 500 pounds of garbage from the banks of our Fraser River.

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From huge chunks of styrofoam to tote lids and propane tanks, it’s been a chore. But I’m happy to do my part. I need the exercise. Folks strolling the trails and waterways drinking their lattes always comment, and I typically shoot back, “Well, I can pick it up or leave it for someone else to do it,” and continue on my way.

Then this morning, as I’m driving to the dike for my morning hike with the dogs, I find some low-life (two, actually) have taken drives and unloaded their refuse along the side of the road and into the ditch.

Our neighbours are cleaning up their yards or paying a company to haul away the junk (including high-chairs and kids’ toys) and then dumping it by our waterways and farmlands. So this is the way we show our children about respecting our community and themselves?

Karma is coming for you. Enjoy.

Les Patterson



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