Letter: Is mayor candidate Hong Guo a glutton for punishment?

Dear Editor,

Re: “Mayoral candidate Hong Guo faces new legal allegations,” News, Sept. 20.

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Unless their last name is Trump, it is beyond me why anyone would run for public office while they are under investigation for something as serious as the allegations facing Hong Guo.

Unless she is a glutton for punishment, I cannot understand why she would subject herself to the ridicule and questioning that undoubtedly comes with being asked to explain her loss of control of her trust account while asking us to elect her to a position for which she has no experience or qualifications.

Why should we trust her to be any better at running our city than she is at running her law practice?

Also, I do not appreciate the unauthorized placement of her campaign sign on the lawn of the vacant home into which my family is moving next week. If she would like it back she can pick it up at the landfill.

Sandi Bezanson-Chan


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