Letter: I wonder if parents have learned Clark lesson?

Dear Editor,   

 With a provincial election on the horizon, it would be worthwhile for the parents of children who attend public schools in Richmond to take a close look at Premier Christy Clark’s agenda for education in this province and then objectively assess how it has and will affect your children’s futures.

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While public funds and tax breaks in British Columbia are used to help private schools expand and prosper, our public school system is being forced to try and cope with all the logistical and educational challenges and impediments that result from ongoing cutbacks and school closures. 

Every parent wants their children to get the best possible education and for them to be fully prepared and motivated to succeed in adult life. And because they only get one pass through an educational system (sorry - no RESET button here folks) it is vitally important that the government dedicate itself to providing the best possible learning environments and opportunities for our children. 

But given what has become evident about our Premier’s education agenda, parents in B.C. should be concerned that the disparity between the levels of support she is giving the private school industry compared to the public school system will result in graduates of private schools being much better prepared to achieve their career goals and succeed later in life than will be the case for those who pass through an underfunded and disrespected (by the government) public school system.

While Clark hypocritically manufactures photo-op setups amongst children who are probably being adversely affected by her educational policies, she appears to be wholly unconcerned about the gap that is widening between the haves and the have-nots in the world of education in this province. 

But perhaps that is to be expected in a leader who apparently graduated from the Marie Antoinette ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ Institute and a government that is guided by the principles of elitism and entitlement. Increasing stability and security for those that can afford it, and progressively less of the same for those who can’t.

To those parents of public school students who voted for Clark in 2013, I can only ask if you might have finally learned your lesson. 

Perhaps this time your vote might reflect a concern for your children’s future and best interests, instead of a knee-jerk response to some ambiguous political bafflegab, disingenuous promises and a toothy, perpetual grin.

Ray Arnold


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