Letter: I want $5M horseshoe clubhouse for Richmond

Dear Editor,

Re: “New clubhouse slated for Richmond lawnbowlers,” News, Thursday, May 30.

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We should be thankful that the people who govern our city have educated us as to what facilities and services really deserve the highest levels of support.

I had no idea that 250 people, who spend parts of their week rolling plastic balls back and forth across manicured lawns, were in such desperate need of money to fund their exclusive pass-time. Apparently things like weed control and ball maintenance are very very costly.

Perhaps there is also a group of people in Richmond who love playing horseshoes (and have the right political connections) who could get a similar $5M grant from the city to rehabilitate the derelict horseshoe pitch in Steveston Community Park. Anyone want to form a new club?

Ray Arnold


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