Letter: ‘Great job’ city on Richmond beach clean-up

Dear Editor,

Re: “Beaches ‘clear-cut’,” “Driftwood converted to sawdust on dykes,” Letters, Jan. 31.

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The beach along the dike from Gilbert Road to the pier at No. 2 Road took a big hit with both water and logs, etc.

They are not clear cutting the beach. Rather, they’re doing an excellent job of cleaning up the unwanted debris and overwhelming amount of wood that has built up on the beaches over the past while.

Thank you, Richmond, for caring and cleaning up the beaches for all the people and the pre-school children to enjoy. We have a beautiful, natural waterway once again!

And, guess what? After next spring’s freshet (a river flood from heavy rain or melted snow) you can bank on more logs once again.

This is our front yard which we look at every morning and all day long. We love and cherish the waterfront.

A big thank you to Richmond for the very needed clean-up.

Great job, now let’s go play and fish on our reclaimed beaches everyone.

Greg Crompton


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