Letter: Expensive City of Richmond audit not needed when you can DIY

Dear Editor,

Re: “Why tax hike in Richmond with a $3 billion surplus?” Letters, Jan. 24.

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Rustom Dubash asks for an audit to determine where the money the city brings in goes. If concerned about outgoing money, don’t add to it with an audit, which we will pay for on top of existing expenditures related to operating a growing city of over 200,000.

I would direct all who are curious as to the relationship between city revenue and expenses, to the city’s website www.richmond.ca

Click on city hall, follow the links to find the already audited budgets for many years. Cross reference with all the council minutes they, in their promised transparency, make available (entire meetings are available to watch/hear) to confirm the budgeted items were duly approved at a public council meeting by your democratically elected mayor and council.

Do note that this particular council began their term this past October, so it has not had an impact on the posted budgets yet.

When in doubt of how the city does things, I can vouch that using the city website’s “Contact Us” link gets the relevant person or department to reply directly within one to three business days.

I love this place!

George Pope


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