Letter: Enjoy Lucky Charms crosswalk in Richmond

Dear Editor,

Re: “Former ‘Parents slate’ members demand more consultation,” Online, June 21.

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I just have to ask: are you sure Ms. Gong is in fact a resident of Richmond?

In the article she asks, “Should we paint signs for other groups of people to celebrate equality, such as painting signs for Christian or Muslim groups?”

She appears to have missed the Christmas trees that flood the galleria of City Hall every year, the giant menorah set up in front of Brighouse Library every Hanukkah, and the very permanent, very large, stone cross honouring Richmond’s war dead in front of City Hall....

Let gays have their rainbow crosswalk. It’s innocuous and a veritable bargain compared to the $600,000 scramble crosswalk in Steveston.

And if people celebrating equality offends you, tell yourself that Richmond supports unicorns, or Lucky Charms, or just likes pretty colours.

Sowon Huh 


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