Letter: Empathy lacking for Richmond's homeless

Dear Editor.

Re: “Growing tent city raises residents’ ire, sparks fear,” News, April 11

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 Your story stated that there was a resident who “heard“ that windows were being broken, and bikes and cars disappearing. Yet the RCMP states there has been no increase in crime in the area. Another worry by a resident was in regards to the daycare nearby. Yet there has been no complaints from the daycare. I know of six tents in the camp, however, these people are from renovictions. The RCMP patrol the area several times a day. It said that the campers are keeping the place clean and the city is picking up garbage. The fire department visits three times a week for safety checks. The city checks in daily.

I realize this is not what the residents want around their community, but these homeless people are actively looking for somewhere to live in coordination with the programs available.

It’s unfortunate that some people in the community are relying on what they have heard, and not what the real situation is. This sounds like a temporary unfortunate situation, that could not be monitored better. I find it sad that the residents are not being factual according to the authorities. Our society has really gone downhill to a point where there seems to be no empathy anymore.

Jennifer Molto


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