Letter: Driftwood converted to sawdust on Richmond dikes

Dear Editor,

Driving along Dyke Road recently I noticed with dismay that the weathered driftlogs strewn randomly along Gilbert Beach have all been turned into massive mounds of sawdust.

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While I am sure that there is a logical explanation from an engineering point of view, removing all of that naturally landed wood and attendant habitat takes away a good portion of the untidy charm of that zone.

People are always sitting there picnicking or just staring at the river from a natural quiet perch on logs that have probably been there for decades. The recent high tides may have brought a few more in, but c’mon!

Does the city really need a make-work project that removes every last stick and turns it into a woodchip?

This is not even mentioning all the small plants and animals that had made the area their home.

Glen Andersen


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