Letter: Don’t judge drivers by their decals

Dear Editor,

Regarding recent stories/editorials, many people jump to conclusions about seemingly able-bodied people using these passes.

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Let me give you my recent experience.

I am a senior, thankfully able-bodied with no obvious signs of a disability.

I recently took a friend who is entitled to a disabled pass to Richmond Hospital for a day procedure.

When called, I returned to Richmond Hospital to pick this person up after the procedure.

I parked in a disabled parking spot (with a pass displayed) and upon exiting my vehicle was accosted by a very rude, aggressive person demanding to know why I was parking in a disabled parking spot.

I didn’t want to get into a confrontation so I just ignored this person.

She continued the abuse as I walked away.

So, just let it be known that not everybody parking in a disabled spot may look disabled.

The disabled person I picked up had a difficult day at the hospital and definitely needed my assistance.

So, please don’t assume that every person is violating the terms of the pass.

B. Tittle



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