Letter: Does rainbow paint cost more in Richmond?

Dear Editor,

I read about the crosswalk taking approximately 10 hours to finish. This got me thinking, and so I went by the crosswalk and there were six city employees taking off the original white paint from the crosswalk in preparation for the new makeover. But, what I was thinking about was the $15,000 price tag. Please indulge me here. I’m going to be (I think) very, very generous in my estimations.

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Let’s say there will be 10 employees working for 10 hours to complete the crosswalk. Now, let’s say that each of those city employees makes $50/hour. That would be $500 per employee for a night’s work. Since we have 10 employees there, we are now at $5,000.

Where is the other $10,000 going? I’m assuming the city already owns the trucks the employees drive there, and the equipment they use for creating a city crosswalk. I’m sure the city owns all the orange cones to divert traffic, and the slow/stop sign the guy was holding up to keep traffic in check. Basically I’m sure the city already owns everything it needs ­— except maybe the coloured paint — to create this crosswalk. I’d love to know if we’re paying $10,000 for paint, or are there some other costs I’m just not seeing?

Geordie McGillivray


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