Letter: Do Richmond cyclists have force-fields around them?

Dear Editor,

Having many years of driving experience, I thought I had seen every careless, stupid or arrogant move drivers could make.

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However, as always, there is something new in the transportation world, and it’s not driver-less cars!

As I was driving home last week, I noticed a cyclist coming towards me. The first thing that caught my attention was the lack of the required helmet as it obviously couldn’t fit over the huge ear muff headset she was wearing.

And she was too busy with both hands on her cellphone to be using the handlebars to guide the bike. It was wobbling on the pavement, but I doubt she noticed it as she never looked up.  

Do you think she had any concept of how dangerous this is? Do you think she could have heard an ambulance screaming up the road, or a car careening in her direction?

All it takes is a rock on the road to send her crashing to the ground with a concussion that will affect the rest of her life. Or, if she is less fortunate, into the path of an oncoming car.  

I was concerned on her behalf, but perhaps she had a force field around her that I couldn’t see. I checked the internet, but couldn’t find any of them for sale.

Got any ideas where I could find one?

S. Doucelin


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