Letter: Did I do enough for Terra Nova homeless man?

Dear Editor,

This past week I took the bus to Terra Nova Shopping Centre and saw a young man lying down in front of one of the businesses.

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He appeared to be sleeping. He had no shoes and his socks were in tatters. His socks and pants looked like they had been splattered in grey paint or clay powder.  There was a plastic grocery bag at his side and someone had left a cookie next to him. 

I have never seen anything like this before at Terra Nova. I went into the business and suggested they call the police to see if he needs help. I said I would check back with them when I had finished my shopping.

When I returned, they said they had called the police and were told that if the man wasn’t bothering anyone, just leave him alone. I went to the dollar store and got him some socks and slippers, water and chips.  I left the bag next to him and went home.

But I am uncomfortable with that scenario.  I wonder if there was something else I could have done?

L. Mori


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