Letter: Dear Richmond residents, disabilities are not always obvious

Dear Editor,

Re: “Parking meant for disabled,” Letters, July 25

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As a disabled person who does not necessarily look disabled, I get very upset when I hear comments coming from persons who are not disabled and who obviously do not understand that people without mobility problems can also be disabled.

People like us are also entitled to the Sparcs program and are approved to display the handicapped tag in a vehicle in which we are travelling.

I am legally blind, but do not carry a white cane as I do have some vision.

It is difficult for myself at times to manoeuvre safely in parking lots with uneven surfaces and curbs.

Recently, I was left a very nasty upsetting note on the windshield of a vehicle in which I was travelling saying that people like me disgusted the person who left it.

Individuals need to educate themselves further on the definition and reasons why someone is disabled and not jump to the conclusion, as did Mr. Russo, that they are misusing the handicapped parking space.

There are many kinds of disabilities and not all are visible.

S. Reimann


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