Letter: Cyclists and motorists need to co-exist

Dear Editor,

Re: "City probing safety on road,” News Nov. 11.

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I am a cyclist and ride that road almost every weekend. I know some of the riders involved in the horrific accident. 

A driver going in the wrong lane hits cyclists, killing one and injuring others, and the answer is to remove the cyclists from this road?

 Last year, I was rear-ended by a driver while on my bike on Capilano Road. Witnesses said the driver was erratic prior to hitting me. I was lucky. So, should Capilano Road be closed to cyclists, too? 

The problem isn’t the cyclists but careless, aggressive drivers. Every single one of the cyclists I know can name at least one if not more of their friends who have been hit by a car.

Cyclists are citizens, too, and they should have the same access to the roads as do motor vehicle drivers. 

In many countries around the world, cycling co-exists very well with motorized vehicles. Our goal should be to see how that can be in effect here in the Lower Mainland.

George Muenz


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