Letter: City of Richmond salaries are way out of line

Dear Editor,

Re: “One-time payouts bump up salaries,” News, July 4.

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Great work on reporting city increases to the public.

As a Richmond taxpayer, I am stunned by these large pay scales and handouts which are way above the private sector scales and even as compared to other government entities.

No wonder our taxes keep going up, despite poor road maintenance and lighting (Cooney and No. 4 roads are full of potholes and shoddy patchwork), poor city lighting across main intersections of Westminster Highway and poor dike maintenance going from Garry Point to Terra Nova.

As the city pockets millions of dollars with inflated market home values, have they considered a reduction in taxes for the citizens instead of a payout to a few?

These payouts need to be audited to bring these scales in line with other organizations. It’s simply over the top.

What are the councillors doing approving these large increases?

It may be time for a change to provide better leadership.

John Kurian


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