Letter: City needs a tree museum

Dear Editor,

Re: “Tree loss becoming an all too familiar story,” Letters, May 4. 

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Further to Mr. Arnold’s letter concerning the stately willow tree at 8380 Seafair Drive, a concerned citizen has tacked a sign (see photo at right) to that tree requesting upset folks to call the city. 

I walk my dog daily along Seafair and have watched this property change from great gardens, to neglected yard, to clearly slated for demolition.

Surprisingly, to me, none of the usual orange fencing marking root boundaries was ever erected. To see this note on this big mature willow is both frustrating and infuriating —what tree bylaw?!

Oddly, two workers at the site yesterday (backhoe operator doing the demo; and a truck driver removing scrap metal) both expressed surprise the city was permitting this seemingly healthy willow to come down.

This tree is clearly on the city easement at the street, and in a front corner of the lot, so one can conclude the developer intends to put a driveway in that location instead of using the existing driveway. 

Sound familiar?

See the News’ letters section from last week, cutting down a mature cedar versus relocating a driveway.

As to removing healthy trees, Mr. Arnold is spot on here, too.

At the north end of Seafair Drive, just a block below Blundell, several healthy looking birch trees show a city issued sign permitting these trees to be removed. 

It would be very interesting to know if the folks issuing permits actually visit proposed single home residential sites to properly assess trees, shrubs and neighborhood before issuing permits.

The loss of tree canopy is well documented and growing.

Sadly, the odd replacement stick trees cannot replace the vanishing mature willow, cedar, cyprus, oak and pine trees.  

Oh well, Joni Mitchell’s song is prophetic  “...put ‘em in a tree museum.” 

Bill Gerry


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