Letter: Caucasians don’t have monopoly on racism

Dear Editor,

Re: “Is racism on the rise?” Editor’s column, Aug. 29.

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I hold no brief for racism in any form (though  I think I can understand some of its causes),  but would like to use  this opportunity to point out racism is not exclusively a Caucasian/white aberration, as one would believe reading Canadian papers.

Rather, it is wide spread in many other cultures, in particular, Hong Kong, a city I lived in between 1963 and 1995.

If this is hard to believe, ask any Filipino or person from India or Pakistan who has  lived and worked there.

Hong Kong racism in this one respect is so prevalent that the local people are seldom aware of how offensive their behaviour is.

Meanwhile, the laissez faire government does little by way of introducing  legislation to change things.

Nick Wilson


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